Composting program at The M on Hennepin makes it easy for apartment dwellers to reduce waste

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The project team behind The M on Hennepin, a new boutique apartment community in Northeast Minneapolis, hopes to make sustainable living an easy choice for new residents. The development, which preserves two historic buildings while integrating six stories of new construction, is one of just a few multifamily properties in the Twin Cities with a designated organics chute. Each floor of the building has a waste disposal room, with separate chutes for trash, recycling and organics. The chutes lead to a centralized collection point on the ground floor.

In addition, with the help of a Business Recycling grant from Hennepin County, new residents at The M on Hennepin receive composting “starter kits.” The starter kits include a stainless-steel countertop organics bin with odor fighting charcoal filters, and compostable bags. Bins for both organics and recycling in the building’s community room, bike lounge, and other common areas also help make recycling convenient. Schafer Richardson is particularly excited about these efforts because they bring organics recycling into the multifamily space in the Twin Cities. To date, composting efforts in Minneapolis and other metro area cities have primarily focused on curbside pickup at single family homes.