Schafer Richardson’s Art-Infused New Developments

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Schafer Richardson is pleased to announce the collaboration with local artists to introduce commissioned artwork at two of its developments: Timber & Tie and Rya at RF64.

Timber & Tie is a 175-unit affordable housing development located in the vibrant Northeast Arts District. The team at Timber & Tie partnered with NE Sculpture Co., a non-profit dedicated to supporting artists and enriching the community through art, to commission artwork at the property. The artists were tasked with creating pieces that embodied the community at Timber & Tie and captured the spirit of the Arts District. The results are better than even imagined.

Timber & Tie incorporates a variety of indoor and outdoor art elements to create a beautiful, empowering atmosphere for residents. One side of the community room boasts a large mural crafted by the BIPOC-led artist collective, Creatives After Curfew. With this mural, Creatives After Curfew reflects what makes Northeast special, the diverse and lively community. The other side of the community room showcases Urban Ties, Remo Campopiano’s and Justin Hossle’s 3D art installation inspired by the Timber & Tie name. This installation utilizes a series of 2-inch slices of railroad ties seemingly held in place by four railroad spikes, evoking a callback to the industrial revolution.

The outdoor pieces take functional building elements and transform them into pieces of art. Kyle Fokken designed two sculptures that double as bike racks. The bike rack outside the main entrance incorporates the Timber & Tie logo while whimsical dancing trees double as the bike rack near the back entrance.  Daniella Bianchini’s custom trash receptacles depict mosaic scenes. The panels of the receptacles include a musician playing the cello, an artist painting, and a child swinging. The decorative fencing around the playground is a real showstopper. The artist, Peyton Scott Russell, conducted workshops with the residents at Timber & Tie, creating stencils from resident portraits. The stencils were then used to create the fence panels, memorializing the faces of the residents as a permanent art installation on the property.

As part of its commitment to the City of Richfield and local community, Schafer Richardson also incorporated local commissioned art at Rya at RF64. Rya is a 237-unit market rate development located at 6300 and 6400 Richfield Parkway in Richfield, Minnesota. The project team continued the relationship with NE Sculpture, Co. to source three outdoor sculptures in collaboration with the RF64 townhome owners (NHH Properties and Boisclair Corporation).

The inspiration for this project was drawn from natural elements. The site is anchored on each side by Remo Campopiano’s and Justin Hossle’s Urban Cattails sculptures. The stems of the cattails are crafted out of galvanized steel while the flowers are assembled using stacked cedar disks. The cattails emerge from a base of natural grasses adding to the serenity of the installation. Near the west end of the site sits Breeze, a wind inspired sculpture, created by Foster Willey. This abstract representation of gusting air offers an uplifting, graceful element to the grounds.

For the inside work, Schafer Richardson tasked Nolo Art Consultants with procuring a 3D art piece that played off the Rya name. The name Rya is inspired by the traditional handwoven Scandinavian rugs with a thick pile and a strong, colorful design. Comprised of hand-tied knots, rya rugs bring beauty and brightness to homes while providing comfort as a top layer of warmth on cold winter nights. Nolo Art Consultants was able to source a perfect piece. In Cotton Rope, by artist Andy Jacobs, thick rope complete with pops of color and hand tied knots is weaved around black pipe and fittings. Like a Rya Rug, Cotton Rope brings brightness and warmth to the lobby area.

Schafer Richardson is excited about future collaborations between local artists and the community including at the firm’s newest project, Soul, on St Paul’s West Side.

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Pictured/Credits – Decorative Fencing by Peyton Scott Russell (Left), Mural by Creatives after Curfew (Top Right), and Dancing Trees Bike Rack by Kyle Fokken (Bottom Right). Photos taken by Content Creation.

Urban Cattails by Remo Campopiano and Justin Hossle and Breeze by Foster Willey. Photos taken by @Spacecrafting.