Steve Norcutt

November 17, 2015
Steve Norcutt-13

DIRECT DIAL: 612.359.5859

Steve Norcutt has over 25 years of experience in financial management, portfolio management and mortgage origination. As Principal of Schafer Richardson, Steve is responsible for managing the daily activities of Schafer Richardson and its affiliates. This includes administration, financial management, budgeting and controls, marketing, finance and human resources. Together with other Schafer Richardson Principals, Steve is responsible for developing new business and investor relations.

Prior to joining Schafer Richardson, Steve held Senior Management positions with several mortgage origination operations and served as a Senior Vice President/Portfolio Manager of Structured Finance with ReliaStar (ING) for over 13 years. He has also been involved in developing a residential construction company, land development and commercial real estate development and serves on the Board of Directors of a NASDAQ member firm called New York Mortgage Trust (NYMT).