Erin Larson

Erin joined Schafer Richardson in February 2016 as Marketing and Leasing Manager for Schafer Richardson Management Services. She focuses on property and new development marketing initiatives and leasing Schafer Richardson’s retail and office portfolio. Erin also works on behalf of third-party owners and tenants (landlord representation, tenant representation, sellers and buyers).

Erin has 19 years of experience in commercial real estate, ranging from leasing (tenant and landlord representation) to investment sales, with an emphasis on nationwide Net-Lease sales. She also has a strong background in the sale of Tenant-In-Common (TIC) properties.

Erin has been featured in several industry specific publications and served as a panelist at local and regional conferences.

Erin is also well-versed in financial analysis of complex real estate properties and portfolios. Erin has a strong attention to detail and enjoys the intricacies of client relationships.


DIRECT DIAL: 612.314.1692